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Offer Content that Delivers Value to Buyers

People love buying but hate to be sold. They are suspicious of anything that seems like a sales pitch. What they’re looking for is credible sources that will help them to make an informed decision. They want to learn and even be entertained and unfortunately, most sales pitches aren’t educational or entertaining. So rather than telling prospects about how great your product or service is and offering them brochures and data sheets, you can help buyers get educated by enlisting the help of more credible third-party sources, such as industry experts and analysts. 

Your most convincing ‘salespeople’ are your customers. 

The most obvious and credible source you can use to convince prospects about the value of your service or product is your existing customers. Customer success stories are always effective, but some are more powerful than others. Make sure their story describes the problem that the customer is solving with your solution. Give lots of detail. Make the customer rather than your product or service the focus of the story. 

Share your customer success stories

Once you have written a customer success story, send it to publications within your industry or market. Trade magazines and industry newsletters are usually in need of quality content. An independent publication will carry more credibility in the eyes of your prospects. 

Steven Englander

Steven Englander

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