True Stories


An accountant banker and solicitor were called in to see an important client

“I am dying and i want to take it all with me” he said

You will each take one of these envelopes containing £1m and put it in my coffin just before they screw down the lid.

They all agreed to comply.

The client died and at the funeral they all put their envelopes in the coffin and the man was duly buried.

At the wake in the pub the three found themselves in a corner…

The banker said “As we’re on our own I have a confession to make Old Barard was a skinflint who never said thank you for all i did for him so before I put the envelope in I took out £10,000.

“I’m glad you said that “said the solicitor ”

I agree he was a mean old *** and I took £20,000 out to cover my pain and under recoveries on scale”

They looked at the accountant who smiled and said “I am surprised at you both I put a cheque in for the full amount”



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