Things Solicitors Do To Waste Time & Money


Charge by the hour.
Most solicitors charge by the hour. This gives them every incentive to drag out a project as long as possible. Ask how many hours the work is likely to take, multiply it by their rate. Add 10% and offer that as a flat fee. If they turn you down then find a new solicitor quickly.

Solicitors are trained to find problems, and they’re very good at this. Don’t think that every legal contract is iron clad – it isn’t. They’ll bring this same problem finding approach to offering you advice.

Legal opinions
The “Legal opinion” is closely related to nitpicking. These guys will never commit themselves to anything, so this is pretty much useless information.

Partner rates
You usually deal with a partner who “sells” you the services of the law firm. Many people think the same person who does all the work. Usually it’s done by an associate, who earns a fraction of this guy’s salary and bills out at much less “Non-negotiable” invoices With all of the previous factors creeping into an invoice, you will have a very strong negotiating position. Do not believe that just because it is on a law firm letterhead it is cast in stone. Now not all solicitors are the scum of the earth. Some are actually decent human beings, and we’d like to thank them both for helping us prepare this report. As a C.Y.A. for us – always consult a solicitor on any legal matter you do not fully understand.

The friendly chat
Your solicitor is not your friend, when dealing with one professionally he’s there to perform an administrative function. so don’t engage in chit chat with a solicitor, you’ll be charged for this.

Standard documents
These are one of the biggest scams that solicitors have going. People often think contracts are written specifically for them, this isn’t true. They’re often printed off the computer and your name is substituted for someone else’s.

Business advice
Most solicitors don’t know about business. If they were really knowledgeable they’d all be millionaires.

Over billing
A solicitor dies and awakes facing St. Peter in Heaven. There had to be some mistake he said, “I’m only 35 and too young to die.” “Young?” said St. Peter “Why based on the number of hours you’ve billed, you should be 90!”

Steven Englander

Steven Englander

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