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Local companies know their customers and their area better than any national chain.

Be Local, Buy Local

When you buy local, you’ll be helping to shield local firms from the effects of the recession, bringing lasting benefits to your community.
Your next purchases can support local businesses – please consider the local options first, whether it’s your weekly food shop, a gift, a major purchase or the services of a builder, plumber or

Help your local shops, businesses and services, help retain jobs.
There are a number of real benefits to the community when you buy local. Your actions will help keep local businesses and services and support local jobs.

• Buying local boosts our economy
• Buying local saves you money
• Buying local protects and creates jobs
• Shopping local helps the environment
• Local shops are for everyone
• Local shops /businesses value you more
• Buying local saves services
• Local shops sell a wide range of great products at affordable prices
• Shopping locally retains our communities

From a nation of shopkeepers to a few supermarket chains?
The UK’s biggest supermarkets are strangling small businesses.

Small independent stores and suppliers, and ultimately consumers, are paying a direct price in the face of unfair competition.

Around 50 specialists stores including butchers, bakers, fishmongers and newsagents are closing every week


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