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Society is full of people with no scruples; people who are morally and/or financially corrupt; people who are determined to rip us off at all costs; people with no integrity who will never recognise or acknowledge the truth because their own world is based entirely on lies.

There are so many underhanded business and marketing techniques just designed to draw you in. Have you ever been drawn to a heavily discounted offer, to find that they have sold out or been booked up?

I did some research about discounts offered for a hotel room by a national firm, the room was offered very cheaply but it turned out that only one room had been reserved at this price in about 40% of the sites.

We recently moved premises and I had to have some building work done, I bought the material needed from a DIY chain who advised that the materials would arrive the following morning. I arranged for 2 builders and a lad to help unload the materials. The delivery did not arrive, no phone call, nothing. I phoned the firm 3 times with no avail and eventually, the following day I had to visit the store to see what was going on. I was greeted with contempt, a refusal to refund money as the order had now been dispatched and virtually laughed at when I complained about the 3 lots of wages I had had to pay!

Dealing with businesses across the UK for the last 30 years, I have found that this bad behaviour seems to be more rife with large concerns and certain monopoly industries.

If good people continue to turn a blind eye to the activities of these parasites, the culprits will continue to prosper. In many cases, the law actually protects them but perhaps that merely confirms that those who introduce and enforce laws have in their midst some of the most dishonest and corrupt members of our society – politicians, ombudsmen and solicitors, to name but a few I was thinking of setting up a website to name and shame these companies, what do you think?



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