Tesco Sales Are Not Going To Plan

Tescos Decline

Tesco’s is not doing as well as they wanted.

Hopes of a rapid recovery under its new boss, Dave Lewis, are fading, with City analysts forecasting a fall in like-for-like sales of between 2 per cent and 3 per cent during the 13 weeks to 30 May, the Guardian reports.

The performance is an improvement on the first quarter last year, but marks a slowdown from the Christmas period, which saw UK sales excluding fuel fall just 0.3 per cent, cheering investors eager for good news after Tesco’s worst year on record.

As small business owners are we pleased at this?

Do we want the big supermarkets to collapse completely?

In the long run will you and small business owners benefit?

Well, city analysts, bankers and big pension funds etc.. will probably not want to find out.

But  I am only interest in the small business owner and I think they will benefit from the demise of the supermarket immensely!

So my advise to Tesco’s and the other big stores that are struggling is that they should continue on the path they are on.

With the imminent launch of our new TV Station and my up and coming TV show, do you think that a TV program hosting an investigation to discover what the effect on the closure if the supermarkets on small businesses would be, would be worth doing? – let me know

Steven Englander

Steven Englander

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