Sneaky Curry’s | Scammers Or Stupid?

Does anyone know why curry’s acts so sneaky? Are they trying to scam people or are they just plain stupid..

Curry’s customer service were once again shown to be shabby as they quoted £250 for the repair of a 2 year old washing machine which cost £270 new.

Eventually Indesit stepped up to the plate and agreed to repair the machine free of charge.

No word from Currys of course who are developing a strong reputation for pile-‘em-high-and-sell-them-quick-to –and-hell-with-the-Sale-of-Goods-Act reputation.

Currys don’t seem to realise that as well as bringing their own reputation further into the mud, they also damage the good name of their suppliers.

Indesit have apparently expressed concern about how Currys dealt with the matter.

Kudos to Indesit.

Shame on Currys

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Steven Englander

Steven Englander

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