Good Business Ideas – Day One

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Garage Cleaning and Organising

It doesn’t sound all that glamorous but in no time at all you could be working as the agent booking the jobs around town, while your staff of two, three or four workers handles the hard work.
Once you clean and organize a few garages around town, you will develop positive word-of-mouth that could be enough to sky-rocket your venture.

Souvenir and Memory

People take trips, anniversaries and births, host office parties and retirement gatherings. They usually are stuck with photos, ticket stubs, programs, and other memorabilia from these events. You
can start a business putting them all together in decorative scrapbooks. You can create actual scrapbooks or virtual scrapbooks by setting up a website for the individual so they can share the moment and the memories with everyone who has access to the Internet.

Steven Englander

Steven Englander

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