Brainstorming | Step Three

3. Once the brainstorming starts, participants shout out solutions to the problem while the facilitator writes them down – usually on a white board or flip chart for all

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Brainstorming step 2

Brainstorming | Step Two

2. Give yourselves a time limit. We recommend around 25 minutes, but experience will show how much time is required. Larger groups may need more time to get everyone’s

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Brainstorming picture for step 1

Brainstorming | Step one

Step One of the Brainstorming Tips! 1. Define your problem or issue as a creative challenge. This is extremely important. A badly designed challenge could lead to lots

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True Stories

An accountant banker and solicitor were called in to see an important client “I am dying and i want to take it all with me” he said You

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toilet humor

Toilet Humour

A Tax inspector, a VAT inspector and an Accountant were in the urinal performing their morning constitutional before a meeting. The Tax Inspector finishes first and walks over to

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Aunt Betty’s Cash Gift

It is widely reported that government ministers are seeking access to the bank details of virtually everyone in the country. The reason given is to crack down on welfare

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Easy Business

Meditating with Cows

Hanging out with your bovine friends down on the farm can be very relaxing. Forget staring at stones or focusing for hours on single blades of grass. A Dutch

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Travelling Teddies

Apparently there are around 1.2 billion cuddly toy animals in the world — and you can bet that most of them have never seen the city of Prague. Now

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