50 Marketing Ideas for Retailers…

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Marketing Ideas

1. Create a calendar for customers with your shop’s name and address on it.
2. Print the products you sell or services offered on the back
of your business cards.
3. Always carry business cards with you. Give them freely and ask permission
to leave them in places your target market may visit.
4. Join a trade association or organization related to your industry.
5. Have a drawing for a product or a gift certificate.
Use the entry forms to collect customers’ mailing addresses.
6. Develop a brochure of services your shop offers.
7. Conduct monthly clinics about a product or service you offer
8. Print a tag line for your business on letterhead, fax cover sheets,
e-mails and invoices.
9. Develop a web site to showcase your products, services and location.
10. Include customer testimonials in your printed literature.
11. Promote yourself as an expert by writing articles on topics
related to your industry.
12. Submit to the local newspaper, trade journal or other publications.
13. Host an after-hours gathering for your employees and their friends/relatives.
14. Provide free t-shirts with your logo to your staff to wear.
15. Send newsworthy press releases as often as needed.
16. Create an annual award and publicize it.
17. Develop your own DVD show on your specialty
18. Create a press kit and keep its contents current.
19. Use an answering machine or voice mail system
to catch after-hours phone calls.
20. Join a Chamber of Commerce where you can network
with area business owners.
21. Hold an open house. Invite prominent city officials and the press.
22. Get a memorable local or toll-free phone number.
23. Put ads in mags your market reads. Include non-English
speaking markets as well.
24. Distribute products such as pens, mouse pads,
or mugs with your shop’s logo.
25. Advertise in creative locations such as park benches, buses,
and popular Web sites.
26. Improve your building signage.
27. Get a booth at a trade show or expo attended by your target market.
28. Give a speech or volunteer for a career day at a high school.
29. Sponsor an Adopt-a-Highway area in your community to
keep roads litter-free.
30. Donate your product or service to a charity event or auction.
31. Have a Yellow Pages ad listed under your main industry and
in related categories.
32. Volunteer your time to a charity or non-profit organization.
33. Create a loyalty program to reward existing customers.
34. Create an opt-in email or print newsletter for your customers.
35. Send hand-written thank you notes to customers every chance you get.
36. Use brightly coloured envelopes and unique stationery
37. Show product or related videos on a TV on the sales floors.
38. Book a celebrity guest for an event at your shop.
39. Create window displays in locations away from your shop.
40. Team up with a non-competing business in your area to offer a package
41. Pick the slowest day of the week to hold a one-day sale.
42. Create a warm, welcoming waiting area for your customers.
43. Provide extra customer service training for your staff.
44. Sign up for a newsletter or join online discussion groups in your industry.
45. If possible, loan your facilities to other groups for a meeting place.
46. Create a unique lapel pin based on the products you sell to wear at meetings.
47. Choose a regular customer to spotlight as a Customer of the Month.
48. Pair up slow moving items with related products and repackage as a special
49. Start a blog. Write about your industry or detail in-shop happenings.
50. Offer your customers discounts for each referral they provide.



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