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How to Get Customers Using Social Networks Like Face book, Twitter and You Tube

You can get customers for your business by using social networks like Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn and You Tube. These are only a few of the social network web sites engaging people online.

Social Networks are not just for playing online games, taking quizzes, sending virtual gifts or stay in touch with friends and family. Companies have discovered that social networks help you build your business, connect with people, and get more customers.

Plus, social networks are free or almost free. The traditional assumptions about business, customers and marketing crumble to pieces when you enter a social network. For your business to be
a success with customers on social networks, your approach should be authentic and real, the way you would treat a customer in person. Your business should never lie or fake it. Customers always find out. Social networks are all about honesty and transparency.

What does honesty mean? If the customers in your video are paid actors, disclose it. If you paid a blogger to review your product, disclose it. What does authentic mean? It means that the
company spokesperson has a name and a picture customers can identify with. It means that you don’t pretend, and you don’t hide behind company PR verbiage. It means that you go the extra mile for a customer whenever possible.

Transparency means that your business accepts criticism and encourages comments. You can reply to customer complaints in public. If you run a survey, don’t fudge the results. When you talk to your online followers, treat them as personal friends. You want to get customers for your business, but with social networks, it’s also important to listen to others. Then you can engage with your customers in a relevant and interactive way.

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