are you going in blind?

Going in Blind

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Going in Blind

You may not think that you need any formal training in business or management in order to start your own business; you’re going to be the boss, after all. But that’s exactly why formal training in management is a good idea. You may not need to impress anyone to get the job, but you can still use those skills to be a better boss to your employees. going in blind with steven englanderHelping your workers reach their full potential through solid management skills benefits all of you. Your employees will feel happy, engaged, and fulfilled, and you’ll all enjoy greater personal and financial success as your business flourishes thanks to your management savvy.

You don’t have to take four years out of the work force to earn a BA in Management. You can earn the degree online while you continue to work at your day job and plan for your future life as an entrepreneur. If you’re already running a small business and think that you could use some more management knowledge, an online program offers you the flexibility you need.

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